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Inspire Me Pope!

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

This morning, like few of them these days, is again full of uncertainties. And, I worry.

On The Secret, I heard that "each new day holds something good for us; we just have to find it." It goes on to say, if we create an image of success for ourselves in our mind and remain faithful to that image; our faithfulness will be able to control the vibrations surrounding us, our actions, and the things we do attract to cause only positive elements to migrate towards us; thus forming that image in the natural realm.

I am sitting in front of my monitor. I log unto Facebook, a Shonda Rhimes’ Masterclass ad pops up. Humm…Facebook has a way of teasing my imagination lately. Just when I want to give up; my own image of success returns. I click on the ad. It can't possibly hurt to escape my sad reality for a second.

In my studio apartment, immersed in Folgers aroma, I begin to reflect on my connection with Shonda: Olivia Pope. Her fictional character has hunted my thoughts since the fall of 2013.

I’m usually cautious of whom I regard as an example, but when it comes to Pope, I am quite a fanatic. I dressed my place almost entirely as Olivia's condo in the show. I sip my wine exactly the same, with the larger glasses I believe.

Scandal time is my me time. Every time I watch the show, the image of sucess I created for myself in my mind reappears; untroubled by my reality. Before my very own eyes, I see I still can do the things I saw possible in my dreams.

I enjoy watching Pope manage her weaknesses while she navigates her world; a world rarely accessible to most people, especially African women. An educated fashion lover and entrepreneur, what else does a girl want?

Olivia Pope is very charismatic, a fierce and confident black woman who never runs out of options. Her faculty to resolve any intricacies is unparalleled. She simply makes it happen each time. And, that's intriguing to watch and paramount for a single African woman, living in the States.

To know and to believe that every single problem in my life could have a solution is life-transforming. And as I feel bullied by uncontrollable and intimidating life events, I'm overwhelmed to realize that me too, am never out of options. I still have no idea what I’m capable of.

Well, not until now. When I first wrote this blog in 2017, I've lost my job and was buried in debt. Also, I only had an Associate degree. I dropped out of school right after the degree15 years earlier; although not by choice. One of my dreams was to return and complete my education. I've tried several times but doors kept closing, and I'd give up each time. As I update this blog, two years later, I'm in more debt, but I now hold a Bachelors in communication and became a published author. I guess I made few things happen!

For The Secret, uncertainty doesn't exist. We speak of it only because we've lost sight of our image. I lost sight of my image so many times, but I'm grateful that it would find me during each Scandal episode.

Power is not about accruing worldly possessions.

Power is not about flaunting our physical abilities.

Power is a state of mind.

To be powerful is to keep calm amid adversities.

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