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You Are Worth It

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

Life is hard, but in truth, life is kind by nature. Even in the ruthless storms, if you pay close attention, life will hum melodies of hope and give you innovative ideas. If you stand still, it will create favors and open doors of opportunity where you expect them the least.

When all is lost, life will continue to surprise you though your faith has weakened. God, the author of life, will see to it that you are back on your feet.

He's not intimidated by the height or the depth of your difficulties; nor is He blind to them. He promises protection to all who believe He is able. That promise will never bounce like a bad check. His eyes are always watching; He will show up in due time.

However impossible your struggles may appear; you still can find strength. Think of a setback as a stepping stool to your success; not a life sentence.

“Never be afraid to take four or five steps back because it can lead you ten miles ahead.” ~ Tyler Perry’s Madea

Doors may close on you - all at the same time. Still, nothing is unchanging under the sun. They will eventually reopen. If not the same; new ones will. God, with His infinite ways, can open doors, anytime, anywhere. The struggles you're experiencing will not destroy you. They will build you up. They will make you stronger and wiser if you stay the course.

Forgive life for seeming unfair most of the times. Don't take it personally; it happens to all the same. Forgive yourself for self-judging, for not being patient, or for complaining. Pray for those who wish you harm, so their downfall is less severe. Remember every situation in life is temporary even the most stubborn ones.

Nothing should ever stop you from smiling to a stranger, keeping the elevator door open for someone, checking on a friend, volunteering at a shelter, or watching a funny movie.

Regrets and mistakes are of the past. They can help us identify areas of growth, but they are not meant to dwell upon. Do not let them undermine your true potential. Life goes on regardless of your troubles; you must go on with it.

Do not give up!

Life is worth living.

People are worth loving.

You are worth it.

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