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The Accomplished Woman

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

The Accomplished Woman

Isn’t always the one defined by being married

Or by the number of children she has conceived.

Isn’t always the one holding a catalog of degrees or professional exploits.

Isn’t always the one who flaunts the luxury she can self-afford

Or showcases the favors she amassed from well-off men.

Nor is she always the one who recites spiritual verses all day long

Or prefers living off shamanistic promises.

But rather,

She is the one who sits at her God’s feet—daily,

Basking in the revealed wisdom—humbly,

Captivated by the secrets of her buried history.

There realizing, though grace is upon her,

Success will never be handed to her—freely.

She wears an ineffaceable smile in adversities.

Using her failures as life-changing opportunities.

Amid sadness,

She refuses to visit unforgiveness.

She embraces her “now” despite lack,

Boldly continuing to build her “then, ” with tact.

Yet always remembering her community fact.

Crowned in Bantu knots,

She proudly struts;

Her ageless curves and ebony glow,

Though obvious life's blows.

A sister to her friends,

To her family, a matriarch who cares.

At her footsteps,

The wind is silenced,

The storms are distressed.

The moon lullabies when she sleeps,

The sun bows as she wakes,

The heavens beam at her faith.

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