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Do It Alone

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

It was Christmas Eve.

He needed space to find himself; that's what he said.

He left, never to return - at least not on my watch.

I grabbed my grey Alfani jacket and out into the dark street.

I joined a young brunette in the Women’s aisle. Her husband was hiding behind the shelves; as if avoiding from being noticed. After a minute chat, we compared brands; and together, we agreed on First Response.

-” Well, congratulations to you and your husband in advance!” She said.

- “No…No. No husband." I interrupted. "No man for that matter. It’s just me.” I said with a lifeless smirk.

She blushed with embarrassment, but I quickly reached out for her arm and softly reassured her I was okay.

Back at home, I rushed.

After a few minutes of noisy silence, the double bars emerged. A tear immediately came running to wash away the dud. I was scared.

"Can I do it alone?" I murmured.

New Year’s Eve arrived.

I walked into the dimmed lit venue. A glance at the far-right corner, he was there; seated with another - a new one. Guests were showering them with flattering wishes. They've gotten engaged.

My ego on my shoulders and my eyes veiled with the latest fascinator, I swaggered my way directly to the dance floor. Celine's A New Day Has Come just came on - timely for this burial affair.

One chapter closed. A new one was ready to start. Surely, karma would bail me out. In the meantime, I believed I could do it alone, indeed.

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