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Ode to My Love

You, one bold presence

Irresistible charm,

Graceful heart,

Discreet generosity.

You treasured faithfulness.

Sun up, sundown.

What’s on the crown?

Fresh life; blossom delight.

Bourgeoise courtesy,

You craved fineness.

Unique fancies,

Sure fantasies bound in secrecy.

A lady,

Crafting her life melody.

You cherished freeness.

You, once a quiet roar

Ready to soar,

Now gone in the rain.

Your silent pain; washed away.

All is vain.

Tears gushing, rivers flooding.

You, my Patience, have left the race.

Leaving a full hall to mourn

Your gentle embrace,

Your sophisticated pace.

Vole. Vole. My love!

This time do not stop.

Do not look back.

Do not fret. Do not cry.

For at least, you have tried.

Hommage to a dear friend

Image: From the internet

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