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The Woman Who Said Yes - To Me

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

I celebrate a birthday each year, but…

I don’t always think about the woman whose decision was to keep me around.

I don’t always think about the nine months of discomforts and pains she endured.

I don’t always think about the dreams and aspirations she denied herself.

Neither do I think about the sacrifices she made so I could stand on my own.

The risks she took to keep me safe.

The ocean of tears that dried up on her face through the years.

The moments of self-doubt, fears, and uncertainties she had to overcome along the way.

Was she even ready?

Was it safe for her?

She could've said no. Still, she said yes - to me.

Why me?

What about me made her go on with it?

What did she feel?

What did she know?

What did she foresee in me?

Looking back - a heart-breaking miss or the best decision of her life? She alone can gage. All the same, her choice to have me against all odds should be my greatest inspiration. Her choice to raise me against all odds should be my greatest motivation for the journey of motherhood is not for the swift.

Carrying a baby and giving birth are already two distinctive and stupendous events in a young woman's life. Come to raising a girl so that she grows up to become a virtuous woman, is a different ball game. Any woman can give birth; alas, not every woman can be a mother.

Although I am far from equating myself to a virtuous woman; I am, nonetheless, fortunate to have been taught of such eventuality. My mother's story, with highs and lows altogether, makes it worth tholing the squalls of life to unearth what she felt, what she knew, and what she foresaw in me.

Blessed with this new year, I am prouder to be her daughter and favored that she said yes - to Me.

Thank you mom!

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