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Forbidden Apple

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

My escape.

All I wanted was to live each second of our togetherness, to savor the empty space between us, to enjoy our eyes, aroused and intoxicated with passion at every glance. The rain, the ginger craves, the couch, the phone talks - all bringing our bodies closer and closer.

The taste of love, seated sour in my mouth for many winters now, had returned to sweetness. My heart began to beat again.

I yearned for your voice at sunrise.

I craved for an inch of your presence; thirsty for that first kiss.

The conversation of our silence gave life to my spirit.

An aphrodisiac lust I gladly welcomed. It numbed my pain from the cold-blooded hurdles that loomed into my life these days; halting all my soaring endeavors. Around you, I felt I would be fine. Things would work out; if not that day, then the next…

A lifetime of mutual endearment! An illusion I could not afford.

I dared not to dream of a future together, so I settled for a friendly companionship.

Everything seemed all the sudden normal. My confused reality went on standby while I swam in the sweetness of your hellos, the exoticism of your words, and the eccentricity of your simplicity. At last, I could catch a breath or maybe just a puff!

Hard to accept I could not have more of you but a mere skin touch:

a caress on my neck, the gentle pressure of your hands on my hips,

a soft bite on my lips.

My true feelings I hid, nor did I seek to know yours. I fell for the short-term cuddles; they were enough for the moment.

The undefined romance, we both knew, was doomed to fail from the start. A shadow of love sprung up; sadly, from a forbidden apple. Our together was denied - to me at least!

I was not yours and you were not mine. So, it was never in the plan for you to see the nakedness of my soul - the frailty of my spirit in times of troubles. Once you did, our unspoken intimacy jilted away; the thrill of our dangerous liaison was gone.

Reality stole you from me, my escape.

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