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Say No To A Dreadful Morning

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

One morning we wake up so hopeful; the next, we dread to open our eyes. We avoid our mailbox. We disregard the emails. We isolate ourselves from our family and friends. The phone is on silence permanently. When we become ill, we turn to YouTube for medical treatment. If we were not yet believers, we suddenly convert. Of course, there's nothing wrong with believing in God!

Anxiety stares at us with no mercy; waiting to see our breaking point. Our heart being stifled while witnessing all we have built come crumbling down. The nights are not spared either. Deadened by panic, now we smell failure. In bewilderment and often submerged with sentiments of shame and powerlessness, we refuse to wake up.

The pressure intensifies even further for those who reject alcohol, drugs, or suicide as an option to overcome their struggles. Be encouraged a pressure is only an indication that the perfect time has arrived to multiply our faith and courage. Just as spring comes after winter; so, do the seasons of our lives also alternate. No matter their span, they will change.

During the winter times of our lives, we can feel so disturbed at the lack of possibilities or opportunities that we end up sometimes tossing the towel. Unfortunately, there's no other way out but through facing our adversities.

The higher the intensity, the closer the breakthrough.

Healing comes after endurance.

A victory comes after a fight.

Your scars would be the evidence of your strength and power.

Say no to a dreadful morning.

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